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About Us   We believe our animal hospital rates as one of the best in Alachua County in the ability to provide the highest level of medical care for our patients.

In April 2010 we were accredited by  The American Animal Hospital Association , a recognition of having achieved the highest standard of veterinary care.  There are 16 animal hospitals in Alachua County and surrounding areas; only 4 are AAHA accredited.   

We also have some features that make us unique:  West End Animal Hospital was established by Dr. Deborah Cottrell in 1986.   We treat a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, small marsupials, non-human primates, and a variety of other exotic animals as well.   Our Doctors have over 50 years combined experience. 

Our state of the art facility includes two surgery suites, an emergency ward, treatment areas, boarding kennels with separate areas for cats and dogs (indoor or air-conditioned indoor/outdoor), an extensive in-house pharmacy, and a digital x-ray suite (one of few privately owned fully digital systems in central Florida).  Our cutting edge in-house laboratory allows us to obtain fast diagnostic results when your pet needs it the most, rather than the usual 24 to 48 hour wait associated with off-site labs. 

We offer our clients cozy exam rooms with in-room checkout, cable TV, and free WiFi internet access. 

We see  after-hour emergencies,  for our established clients, enabling you to see a doctor that is familiar with your pet.

We ran a program called "Operation PitNip" that provided free spays and neuters for Pit Bulls for seven years. By the time we ended the program in  April of 2012, we had spayed and neutered over 1750 pit-bulls for free.    

We have raised and donated over $40,000 to animal rescue groups via our Poker For Pets charity program.   We are involved in bat rescue, rehabilitation, and education.

 In June 2015, we installed a new, large bat house in our retention pond. This house can hold 25,000 bats, so we're hoping for full occupancy in the fall.